Webcam Flute Lessons

What you will need for online lessons:


A Computer/Laptop/Ipad

Broadband or DSL Connection

Web Camera with Microphone

Programs (free): Skype, Google hangout in Google Plus account


One Hour Session - $50

30 Minute session - $25

An audition is REQUIRED for every student at no cost. Students should email me a recording (mp3 or video file) for consideration. I will notify all students of my availability shortly after reviewing the audition materials. Also provide me with the following:

1) Send me contact information

2) Write me a short description of your flute goals (college auditions, flute competitions, better tone/technique)

3) Give me your preference for date/time of our online lessons.

4) Be sure to include which method you prefer to use (Skype, Google Plus)

After I review your materials, I will confirm that we are to have a lesson. Upon my confirmation, I will send you a paypal link for you to make your payment. Upon reciept of payment, you will be entered into my schedule.

On the day of the lesson, log into the program that you listed as preferred (Skype, Google Plus) and we will have our online lesson!

If you have any difficulty with any of these steps, please feel free to email me using my contact form on this website and I will promptly respond.

IMPORTANT: Please understand that I look for the students who really want to take lessons. I do not judge students based on how "good" they are at playing the flute. I am interested in helping those who love playing the flute and respect the hard work and discipline that goes into becoming a great player.